FileVault Ate My Homework

An Extravaganza of Cryptic Errors

So yesterday evening I decided to encrypt my the hard drive on my personal computer, a 13 inch retina macbook pro, using filevault. At first it was all hunkydory– encrypted, wrote down the recovery key someplace secure, and continued working away at my script for my development environment.

I’d occasionally had to restart (installed Xcode, for one), and each time I was presented with a snappy login in screen which asked me to decrypt the drive by entering my password. Then, while I was in the middle of trying to figure out a why installing Command-T would pollute the current working directory with a bunch of .o and .h files in addition to a Makefile, vim suddenly froze, and I was presented with the dread “Your computer restarted because of a problem” message. I anxiously pressed the any key to continue, which seemed like it was going okay until the mac just booted to the no symbol and gear that spun forever.

Uh oh!

On goes the software person hat. Luckily I’ve got my work computer home for the weekend, so I’ve been able to poke around on the barren waste of frustration that is the mac help forums. So far it’s been fun.

I booted into recovery mode (hold ctrl-R during reboot). Hooray! there’s a diskutility, with my encrypted disk like there. Okay, good, click it. Press unlock. Enter your password. The machine thinks for a good long while and then shakes its’ head. Wat. And then, if I veryify and repair the disk (again via diskutility), the volume is removed from the sidebar on the left. Weeeeee!

Luckily there’s a terminal available in recovery mode, complete with diskutil and dd. I reboot to get the machine back into the state it was in before I started fucking with it, open the terminal and start poking around. After a bit of snooping, I found a guide to unlocking a FileValut 2-encrypted boot drive from the command line. Perfect! that sounds pretty much like my situation.

The instruction, essentially, is to first `diskutil cs unlockVolume

` and then `diskutil cs revert `, where `` is the UUID of the logical volume in question (I aliased it to the variable `$LV` in bash. Great, but this is the output to the `unlockVolume` command: ``` -bash-3.2# diskutil cs unlockVolume $LV Passphrase: Started CoreStorage operation Logical Volume successfully unlocked Logical Volume successfully attached as disk13 Error: -69842: Couldn't mount disk ``` blergh. At this point I'm just ready to wipe the disk. I don't have anything that important on here anyway, so who cares. But first breakfast. Updates after brunch.