Europe Bound

I’m on my way to Europe!

I’m taking a 16 day trip (including travel days) to Romania and Barcelona. The occasion is my mother’s 50th highschool reunion, but we’re also taking advantage of having hopped the Atlantic to spend some time in a city which neither of us has visitied. It’s going to be interesting and a little uncomfortable, and new and different, but we have the advantage of being reasonable people, sharing a language with at least some of the locals in each place we visit, and having a reasonable budget for the trip.

I’m reading the guide book and hanging out with my family and mentally preparing myself to live out of my backpack for the next couple weeks. Our itinerary is as follows:

Satu Mare (which apparently means “Big Town” in Romanian), is where my grandmother was born, and where she and my grandfather raised my mother before fleeing Ceauşescu and communism in the 1960s.

So there’s some adventure ahead, but for now, I’m hanging out with my grandmother in the California sun shine and taking selfies with my niece: